Jey Perie and Gogy Esparza arrived in Beirut in August of 2016 with little more than a tentative plan to recount the lives of its youth, from the affluent to disenfranchised. They wanted their lens to be honest, raw, sensitive. This exhibition tries its best to crystallize the emotion they felt there. The beauty and blood of its pulse, the pain and fruits of its history. Though war-torn and fractured, the juxtaposition of such diversity in cultures, religions and opinions breed its chaos, seductively, beautifully, the way only a Beruti enchantress could.

Esparza photographed these images exclusively on 35mm film in August 2016, and on a second trip in March 2017 (over a total of 20 days). He also shot digital video, and constructed four short films on he and Perie's experiences.